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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Types Of Fabrics Used In The Manufacturing of Motorcycle Jackets

Expert Author Mohsin Aziz
Do you adhere to the belief that a biker jacket is predominantly manufactured from leather? Are you reluctant to experiment with motorcycle jackets made from fabrics other than leather because you regard leather as being the most durable production material available in the market?
If you answer in the affirmative to any of the aforementioned questions, you are probably not that well-informed when it comes to fashionable apparel. On the contrary, bikers who have a well-groomed fashion sense are probably aware of the fact that motorcycle jackets are manufactured from a wide variety of fabrics. Leather, denim, nylon, and polyester are some of the most common fabrics used in the production of high quality biker jackets. Listed below are some of the characteristic features of motorcycle jackets manufactured from different types of fabrics.
1. Leather Motorcycle Jackets
If you were inspired by the brown leather jacket donned by Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones, you probably think that leather epitomizes ruggedness and assertiveness; in short, a heroic demeanor. It is note-worthy that apart from the apparent charm exuded by leather biker jackets, these apparel items have several essential functional characteristics as well. Some of these eye-catching attributes are highlighted below.
a) These jackets have a soft, supple exterior surface and are elastic that makes them exceedingly comfortable for the wearer. A leather biker jacket has a certain degree of firmness as well that enhances its shape retaining ability.
b) For increased durability, high quality leather jackets are encrusted with aluminum hardware and have reinforced nylon stitching that makes them both abrasion and wind resistant.
c) Leather motorcycle jackets for men are available in customized versions as well; therefore, you can head to any reliable motorcycle apparel outlet and place an order for a well-tailored racy leather jacket similar to the one donned by Brad Pitt in Fight Club.
2. Biker Jackets Made From Polyester Mesh Fabric
Individuals affiliated with the textile industry are acutely aware of the fact that polyester mesh fabric is usually used in the manufacturing of athletic wear. However, a biker jacket constructed from this fabric has numerous attractive hallmarks as well! Some of these attributes are outlined below.
a) A motorcycle jacket that has an outer covering made of polyester will provide optimal ventilation to the biker throughout the riding experience. Additionally, most mesh jackets have an inner lining manufactured from perforated nylon that grants maximum air flow to various regions of the upper torso.
b) Another spectacular feature of polyester jackets is that they have a removable thermal lining, thus making this garment an ideal wear for both summers and winters.
c) One of the extraordinary hallmarks of polyester is that it is shrink-resistant and can be washed and dried easily. Moreover, polyester motorcycle jackets for women afford an optimal degree of chemical and wrinkle resistance, thus making them ideal biker wear for everyday use.
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