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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Motorcycle Batteries: How to Choose a Motorcycle Battery

Expert Author Robert Playford
Motorcycle batteries are needed to provide energy to keep the motorcycle running. There are certain criteria that one needs to follow in order to pick the right motorcycle battery. First of all, one should consider the number of times that he wants to replace the battery. An average battery can last between 3 to 5 years. However, a battery that needs replacement earlier than this time is not a good choice. Reliability is another factor that needs to be considered. Most riders will choose conventional batteries as they are the best in reliability. Such batteries are dependable and function optimally in all weathers and can withstand harsh environments, for example bumpy and hilly terrain. With such a battery, a rider should never worry when he has to ride off-road. However, batteries with high dependability rates require more maintenance like frequent addition of water and cleaning.
The best motorcycle batteries are convenient. This means that they are maintenance free. Sealed batteries are the most convenient as they do not lose a lot of water due to the reduced exposed surface area. Such batteries are also the best for people who do not like frequently servicing their bikes or are afraid of acid burns in case of an accidental leakage. Apart from these general factors, a rider should also consider his personal needs. For example, warm weather drains batteries faster than cold weather. A rider living in such conditions should therefore consider buying a battery that offers long life. One should consider the reason and functionality of the bike. Some people are professional riders while others just take short-distance rides for leisure. Heavy and long-distance motorcycle users should buy batteries that need frequent recharging as opposed to short-distance riders who ought to buy those that do not require the frequent recharging. This is because short-trips do not offer a convenient platform for proper recharging.
Some of the best motorcycle batteries include the Leoch motorcycle battery model. This model has several makes, of which some use the AGM technology, others are factory sealed while others are standard. The LT dry series uses the AGM technology, is durable and leak resistant, among other impressive qualities. The LT T4-BS features a voltage of 16 and a capacity of 4Ah. The LT5 to LT15 series have a higher voltage of 12 and capacities of up to 13. The Leoch EB wet series has an injection molding structure, durable and wet charged design among other meritorious qualities. The EB14-A3 for example has both a voltage and capacity of 12.
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