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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tips on Defensive Motorcycle Driving

I heard that in 2010 motorcycle traffic fatalities in the United States fell by 2.4%. Starting off this Article with a fatality statistic could make a lot of you shy away from finishing this article. I have done this for one reason, to let everyone know how important it is to become a defensive motorcyclist. These statistics can continue to drop if we all took a little time and prepared ourselves before going on a ride. We have always been told since the first time we played T-ball or any sport. That practice makes perfect. That life skill can help you in almost all aspects of your life. The more you practice defensive riding the easier it will come to you. Just like riding a bike. (Except the speed and everyone else on the road.) Your life and the life of your passengers depend on you being trained to ride at your best every trip.
Most people purchase a motorcycle for the looks and don't take inconsideration that looks can be a safety feature. When you can be easily seen by everybody around you than your chances of being in an accident drops tremendously. Bright colors and lots of chrome that will shine in the lights can be all important details to providing to your safety on the road. Neon yellow might not be your color but if it is the color that will save your life than I'm sure it can become your color. Many motorcycle clothing have special features in them to add to the safety of riding. Reflective striping is one of the features as well as neon colors.
Once you have prepared yourself with the clothing you wear the next step is to drive defensively. Driving at a comfortable speed can help reduce the risk of an accident dramatically. Also driving with confidence will add to your safety. That being said there is a difference between confident and arrogant. Swerving in and out of traffic is not confident it is arrogance. It not only puts you in danger but everyone else on the road. Becoming an experience Motorcyclist can take many hours if not years of experience. The best way to get experience is finding the roads in your area that are not traveled by many and riding them as often as possible. Getting to know your bike and how it handles can become a huge benefit in a time of need.
While driving on freeways it is always best to be in the far left hand lane. That way if a quick decision is needed you have the room to do so. Also it eliminates dealing with the congestion of the traffic getting on and off the freeway. Usually in the left hand lane there is also a wide strip of extra road that can become your friend in swerving to miss an accident or a car that just did not see you while changing lanes. The most dangerous lane to be in is the middle lane. Cars coming on and off the freeway usually dart into the middle lane to pass a slower vehicle. As well as cars that are traveling in the far right hand lane move over to allow those cars coming on room.
Making small adjustments like these mentioned above can continue to help the accident rate fall. Spreading the word to everyone you know to continue to watch out for Motorcyclist can also help in fewer accidents. It is everyone's job to become a defensive driver, no matter what type of transportation you may use. Continuing to educate yourself about defensive riding can only increase your safety. While no one expects to be in an accident, you can never predict them. Always remember that when possible it is always safer to ride in a group than alone. Let's all do our part to help give motorcycles a good name
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