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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Give A Thought To Motorcycle Saddlebags

Now day's people are riding their motorcycles more and more. With today's economy being the way that it is who could blame them? Riding your bike on a trip to your favorite shopping mall, or a quick run down to the local convenient store is all well and good. There is only one problem with this, the motorcycle does not come equipped with a trunk.
It's hard for the rider to keep their hands on the handlebars, while trying to carry all of his or her purchases too. While I suppose one could carry their purchases on their lap, you sure take the chance of the wind carrying your treasures away. Unless of course the rider has a passenger, then the bothersome task becomes the responsibility of the passenger to hold tight to all of those bags. The problem with this is their hands are now not free to hang on, and that is just simply not safe.
Having a set of saddlebags is a more convenient and much safer way to store all of your belongings. They can be used for much more than your shopping spree purchases. It's also a good Idea to pack necessities for the road, after all one should always be prepared. Here are a eight things that I would recommend storing in your saddlebags.
1. A small first aid kit
2. Jacket
3. A spare set of sunglasses, we all know several of these have fallen victim to the wind
4. Rain poncho
5. Flashlight
6. Map
7. Bottle of water
8. A spare charged battery for your cell phone, as we all know we don't always have service on our cell phones. It's always a good idea to let someone know of the route in which you intend to travel. Sadly, we just never know when problems will occur. It never hurts to be prepared.
All of these things are for precautionary measures while at the same time they won't take up a lot of your storage space.
Saddlebags may be an accessory for the motorcycle but also serve as a necessity for the rider. Whether the rider chooses to have leather saddlebags, or perhaps they prefer the pvc saddlebags, it's all a matter of choice. Any style of saddlebags is a good choice for you and your bike. They not only serve their purpose they also add a certain amount of flare to that special motorcycle. Saddlebags not only give character to your bike they are a convenience for the rider as well. They are virtually the motorcycles trunk. One would be amazed at just how much a set of saddlebags will hold. Not to mention owning a set of saddlebags you can keep all of your goodies stored securely inside, while staying safe and keeping both hands on the handlebars. With so much traffic on the highways these days, especially the big rigs it's not always easy for those drivers to spot the motorcycles, and the rider always needs to be on guard. So taking every precautionary measure to be safe is the key. Staying safe is above all the most important thing to remember while you are out traveling the open road.
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