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Friday, September 5, 2014

Where Can You Find Motorcycles for Sale?

It may seem like motorcycles for sale are everywhere, but just how reliable and dependable are these resources? A motorcycle can be a great investment and an important aspect of your life. Bikes are statements of your personality and a reflection of your lifestyle. Like many people, you can't just stop at one bike; you often want multiple options or even to start collecting them. In regards to these individuals, a standard visit to the local dealership may not be enough. Here, you can learn about the different places that are available where you can explore your options and get the best deal.
One natural starting place to find motorcycles for sale is the local dealership. You may be surprised at how few there may be in your local area. Naturally, these shops set up where there is enough demand, and depending on your region, there simply may not be enough demand. If this is the case, first research the dealership before you travel halfway across the state. Research is simple with the internet and review websites. You may also want to turn to local people, who you know are experienced in purchasing, and ask them for recommendations. Word of mouth is generally a high indicator of reliability. These places are great because you can try out the bike that you have been eyeing, and speak to a knowledgeable individual in person.
If dealerships are not an option or if you are looking for a more rare or vintage model, check out eBay and Craigslist. While these are not the most dependable resources, they can turn up great bargains and treasures. If you decide to use these resources for motorcycles for sale, you need to increase the amount of research you do. It's not enough that you are familiar with the model that is up for sale; you need to know about the condition, the fair market value, and the common problems. Some of these sellers may not be very forthcoming with their information or may be completely clueless. For these transactions, bring a knowledgeable friend or hire a consultant. Of course, if the price is right and the interest is high, you may just want to take that risk and roll the dice.
Another great resource is online brokers that match individuals to the bikes of their dreams. This is a premium service but you can generally expect to get what you pay for, which is amazing dedication and likely a great purchase. You should turn to this when you really want a particular bike. You should have the model, year, condition, and your desired price in mind before you contact one of these services. That way, the broker can start their work immediately rather than spend time trying to consult with you on all the different models that may fit your ideal vision.
It's time to get that motorcycle you have always wanted. Start your research the right way and head over to
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Top Signs Your Car Needs Auto Repair!

Like going to a doctor when you get sick, auto repair is occasionally necessary to keep your car healthy and functional. Sometimes, a car's problems are difficult to detect, and can only be treated once the damage is done. Many other times, however, auto repair costs can be minimized by early detection of key indicators that may signify car trouble. While these examples are by no means complete, they do present a good start!
Does your engine whine or rumble when pumping the breaks at a stop sign? If so, this may be an early indication of brake pads beginning to wear down. While not initially a serious problem, this should be taken to an automotive repair shop sooner than later. Replacing brake pads is a relatively simple and inexpensive task. Wait too long, however, and it could result in lengthier, not to mention costlier, fixes! Just knowing you can come to a full and complete stop whenever necessary will probably make those morning commutes a little less stressful.
Sometimes while driving, people may notice the faint (or, unfortunately, strong) scent of burning oil. This is almost undoubtedly due to a leak somewhere under your vehicle, which is causing motor oil to sizzle against the hotter parts in the system. Most people don't wish to smell like hot petroleum every time they arrive at their destination, but they also probably don't want to pay for continual oil refills. Like brake pads, this is an easy problem to ignore, but the benefits of early auto repair are far more economical, safe, and altogether less smelly in the long run.
So, you're able to stop whenever you want to, and your car no longer trails smoke. But now, your ride feels springier, and it's beginning to give you a bit of a headache. Sounds like your shocks are wearing down. Kids bouncing around in the backseat may think the drive is a lot more fun, but your chassis is suffering for it. Shock systems often deteriorate after regular exposure to rough roads, or just general overuse. So, replacing them when necessary will smooth out those trips a whole lot more.
While these tips are for just a few of the more easily detectable and fixable problems, just being on the lookout for these indicators will save you stress and money. In general, if something feels off, it just might be! Regular auto repair shop visits will help keep you and your loved ones (including your car!) safe and sound as you drive through life.
For trusted auto repair, Lake Oswego drivers turn to Todd's Automotive. Learn more about our services at
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Top Tips for Fuel Efficient Driving

Expert Author Larry Luther
Today, people need more fuel efficient vehicles. The automobile industry is booming, petrol prices are steadily hiking, and global warming is taking a turn for the worst- as a consumer with multiple choices and responsibilities to keep in mind while driving, here are our top tips for fuel efficient driving.
· The way you drive can make the biggest difference to how much fuel you save or waste. Remember, its a car, not a battering ram, so don't hit the brakes on your vehicle with force. Stopping and starting time and again eat away at your fuel in an enormous capacity. Aim for smooth and steady drives.
· If your vehicle uses a manual gearbox, try to shift into the highest gear as early as possible for maximal fuel efficiency. Driving in a lower gear than necessary consumes fuel more quickly, as a rule. Power options tend to ease the car into lower gears, so evade them as far as possible.
· Your money's turning into thin air! Avoid fuel evaporation by screwing the gas cap onto your car very securely after filling the tank and by parking in the shade to prevent overheating- this also reduces the necessity for air conditioning. If winters are frosty where you live, you can use a block heater when temperatures fall below -20 degrees Celsius, to keep your engine oil and coolant heated.
· Don't let your car idle. Yes, the traffic light will go green at any moment, but a significant portion of fuel will burn away while you wait for it. Turn off your ignition if you're waiting outside someone's home, or in front of the supermarket.
· Avoid speeding at all costs- not only might you have a nasty run in with the law, but upwards of 75-90 miles/h, your car may use up to 25% more fuel than if you stick to the speed limit or stay below 65 miles/h.
· Your tires are big contributors to the way your car treats fuel. Tires inflated to the correct pressure level and low-resistance tires (eco-friendly tires are built to reduce rolling resistance) provide a quantifiable advantage in fuel efficiency. For every increment of underinflation equal to 5% of the ideal pressure in a car's tires, there is a 1% reduction in the vehicle's fuel efficiency.
· Try to avoid channelling power and thus fuel to components you aren't using, or don't necessarily require. For example, a mini fridge, television console, boombox, or even the air conditioning.
· Get your car in the workshop for servicing at the recommended times. If your air filters are unclean, if your engine oil has been unchanged for over 5000 miles, or if your engine is poorly tuned, your fuel economy could be in trouble.
· Make sure you haven't rendered your car un-aerodynamic with any unwieldy accessories on the outside. These create drag that slows your car down and causes depletion in fuel efficiency. Drag is also created by leaving windows open when driving at high speeds and weighing your car down by filling up the trunk with unnecessary junk. Toss it
· The most obvious way to economize on fuel would be to drive less. Learn to navigate in a way, that saves time and distance travelled, and try to anticipate traffic jams and road blockages- for example, in the cases of heavy rains or festivals.
These foolproof tips should have you on your way to reducing harmful carbon emissions and making the most of one of the world's most precious commodities. There are plenty of fuel efficient cars for sale and you just need to choose the right one!
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Golf GTI Is The Hot Hatch To Love For 2015

Expert Author Jillynn Stevens, Ph.D., MSW
If you thought your days of having a sporty VW car were numbered as soon as you started having kids, the Golf GTI could be the car of your dreams. Considered a "hot hatch," the car has family friendly hatchback styling, with a powerful engine, improved suspension, aerodynamic body parts, and larger 18" wheels and tires. The newest version of the car, available in three models, is already winning awards as it delivers the power drivers expect.
What To Watch For In 2015
The Golf GTI is available in three models in 2015, the S, the SE, and the four-door Autobahn. In addition, there are more packages of features to allow you to customize your car.
Performance Features In The 2015 Golf GTI
All models come standard with 2.0 L TSI, 16 valve, DOHC, in-line 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with intercooler and FSI direct fuel injection, 210 HP, and 250 pounds per foot of torque. The Performance Package increases the power to 220 HP, adds larger brakes and a torque-sensing electronically controlled limited-slip differential.
The SE and Autobahn models with the Performance Package also offer the dynamic tampering system called Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC). A six-speed manual transmission is standard, while an automatic with Tiptronic, sports mode, and steering wheel mounted paddle shifters is an option available on all three models.
2015 Golf GTI Put To The Test
The 2015 Golf GTI recently won the "Cheap Speed Challenge" sponsored by, a competition available to compact hatchbacks, coupes, and sedans that cost less than $30,000 and have performance features. Experts from, MotorWeek, USA Today and an actual car shopper for a performance car evaluated eight contenders in a series of tests conducted on a closed track and on various roads to simulate real driving.
The tests included:
  • 0-60 mph time and quarter-mile times and speeds
  • Braking distance at 60 mph to 0
  • 200 miles of driving on streets and highways
  • Round-robin driving for street driving, so each expert could evaluate all cars in the test group back to back
The results? According to Joe Weisenfelder, Executive Editor at, "Not only does the all-new 2015, Volkswagen Golf GTI offer the best performance bang for the buck, it is also one of the most comfortable. The GTI outperformed most cars in just about every test we conducted. Also, unlike some of the other Cheap Speed competitors, the GTI offers an impressively roomy and high-quality interior as well as being seriously fun to drive."
Performance, Safety, And Practicality.
What this means for you as a Golf GTI driver is that the car will offer you the zip you need on the road, whether you are commuting to work, driving your kids to soccer practice, or cruising along the open highway. As the new model is made from stronger, lighter ultra-high-strength steel, you will find the car offers improved handling along with improved gas mileage. When equipped with standard features plus a Driver Assistance Package that includes Forward Collision Warning and Park Distance Control (PDC) with front and rear proximity sensors, the car is so safe that it is a 2014 Top Safety Pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).
When researching new Volkswagen cars, consider the 2015 Golf GTI for the perfect family friendly performance car.
Jillynn Stevens is a writer and researcher. She is the Director of Digital Content Marketing for Be Locally SEO where she enjoys helping clients expand and improve their businesses through articles, blogs, website content and more.
From Idaho to southern Utah and from Casper and Denver to Wendover, NV, Strong Volkswagen is your Rocky Mountain VW dealership.
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