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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Motorcycle Luggage Required for Camping Trips

Expert Author Mohsin Aziz
When Ernesto Che Guevara translated his desire of seeing the entire South American continent into a reality and embarked on an elaborate motorcycle journey, his entire perspective of life underwent a major transformation. Following his traveling endeavor, this iconic revolutionary devoted his entire lifetime to the emancipation of the proletariat. Not surprisingly, traveling or solitary journey is often equated with individual or spiritual awakening.
If you are a biking enthusiast whose ideal weekend getaway is camping, you are probably aware that there is something about wildlife that compels one to reflect on life's larger realities. Regardless of whether you're a Che admirer or not, you can't deny that to a certain degree, camping is essential for intellectual and philosophical evolution. However, unlike Che you can't merely rely on the great outdoors to provide you with all the vital necessities. Therefore, it is significant that prior to venturing out on your excursion you select durable and appropriate sized motorcycle luggage - one that will easily accommodate the following accessories.
• Any camping experience would be incomplete and joyless without the presence of a campfire, particularly in winters. For lighting a cozy fire, you'll need to pack matches or butane lighter. Additionally, if the weather forecast predicts an unusually foggy weather in your designated camp site, pack an extra pair of socks, undershirts and pants since damp clothing will make your weekend trip extremely uncomfortable. To pack all of these items, you can select from a wide variety of reliable saddlebags such as tank bags or chopper bags.
• Granted you'll feel restless throughout your trip due to the high adrenaline level, nonetheless it is never a wise decision to compromise on your beauty sleep. For sleeping purposes make sure that you purchase a waterproof fold-able sleeping bag that can be easily adjusted in a large-sized sissy bar bag.
• Fragrant air, a sense of perpetual peace and deep-green leaves soothing to the eyes are some of the irresistible attractions of a camping site. In the midst of such serenity, your artistic faculties are bound to get reinvigorated; therefore, it would be a good idea to bring along some drawing paper and pencils and enjoy some quite moments of outdoor sketching! To prevent your sketching pencils and paper from getting jumbled up, it is recommended that you opt for a back pack or any other saddlebag that has in-built organizer compartments.
• For emergency purposes it is vital that you pack your eye drops, Band-Aids, aspirin or any other medication prescribed by your physician. Harley bags have several small pockets for secure keeping of these small traveling items and will therefore, serve as your ideal luggage bags in this regard. Moreover, in order to find your way about the woods without the least hassle be sure to bring along trail guides and maps. To accommodate these accessories, you can opt for tank bags that have top transparent pockets for safekeeping of maps.
If you are interested in purchasing premium quality Motorcycle Luggage, or want to choose the best Harley Bags for your camping trip, then thoroughly read this article.
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