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Friday, August 29, 2014

Top 10 Motorcycles Accidents Every Biker Should Avoid

Expert Author Uma Daga
If you are reading this, you are obviously desirous of knowing more about the motorcycle accidents that all bikers should avoid? Motorcycle riding is dangerous. Fortunately, bikers like you have access to some of the best possible means of avoiding accidents -- obstruction-free vision, incredibly powerful brakes, very tires with firm grips and excellent handling capabilities. Despite all this, you are always apprehensive of meeting with an accident.
Read on for more on the top 10 motorcycles accidents every biker should avoid.
#10 Lack of Motorcycle Safety
Lack of education in regards to motorcycle safety increases your odds of crashing. Accidents generally occur when riders refrain from completing their basic rider courses or when they resist from investing in the right safety gear. Helmets, biking gloves and other safety tools not only make the act of biking more comfortable, they also go a long way in preventing injuries during a crash. Fluorescent colored jackets/ suits and head gear also increase your visibility on the roads and prevent the occurrence of common accidents.
#9 A Vehicle turning Left in Front
This is one of the most common reasons behind motorcycle accidents. A car driver may fail to see you coming or may judge your position incorrectly-thus turning towards the left at an intersection. Blame distraction, inattention, blind spots or even psychology; most car owners/ drivers perceive safety in the absence of cars and often forget the presence of motorcycles. Your job as a biker is to nurture a precognitive sixth sense, slow down at intersections, cover your brakes and prepare to undertake evasive action. Additionally, you need to look for gaps in the traffic and account for all objects that fall outside your vision.
# 8 Hitting Gravel near a Blind Corner
You're out riding on twisted roads, when all of a sudden and without any warning, you swerve around the corner-only to find yourself going headlong into a pile of gravel, sand, horse dung, leaves or just about anything else in your path. You find your front tire going all inside the same; and you wipe out. This is totally avoidable. You can refrain from hitting the pile by riding at a pace where the ability to take action and overall reaction time aligns with your range of vision. Follow the rule of thumb: "Slow In, Quick Out". This rings all the more true around sharp corners; here you need to enter wide, increase your eye-span and take the turn at an easy pace.
# 7 Locking of the Front Brake
Something just stopped the traffic. You continue to grab a fistful of your front brakes and find yourself lying on the ground, staring at your motorcycle cart wheeling down the street. It's well advised to learn the right ways of using the front brakes. Though counterintuitive at times, they are the most difficult-to-master and powerful components on your bike. In short, these brakes are the right tools to bring about alterations in your speed and are far more impactful that the engine. These days, motorcycles come equipped with ABS, which require you to squeeze the lever hard; whenever you desire to make an emergency stop.
# 6 A Car in Front Opens its Door
You see a big gap in between a stationary line of pea time traffic and a row of pared cars and proceed to scoot through it. Out of the blue, a passenger swings his car door open -right there in front of you! This commonly occurring type of motorcycle accident is surely avoidable. Never ride between rows of parked and active cars. Apart from doors opening wide, you can find yourself crashing into pedestrians stepping out, cars pulling to the side and many other unprecedented hurdles. With collisions being inevitable, it helps to slow down a bit or brake in the most powerful way.
# 5 It's So Slippery!
Riding under cloud laden skies can be cool, but then they are linked to rains which can make your way frightfully slippery. Many road accidents take place during the wet seasons and can prove to be fatal for bikers who fail to have decent tires under them or are silly enough to think that running track rubber are the wrong idea on such roads. Motorcycles with appropriately well maintained tires are designed to take snowy as well as rained in roads with flair. However, it's important to go slow and easy with the controls in your hands.
# 4 Vehicle Changes Lanes Into You
You find yourself riding in traffic; suddenly, a car that was so long been in another lane chooses to change its mind and comes into the space that you were planning to occupy. While tiny motorcycles conveniently fit into blind spots, car drivers are not psychologically programmed to observe motorcycles-therefore resulting in a crash. It is good to be totally aware of all such blind spots en route and spend as little time as possible near them. Always find yourself where you can see the driver's eye in your mirror; they will be able to see you too.
# 3 Car Hits from the Rear
You have come to a near halt at an intersection, cross walk, stop sign or a pedestrian crossing. However, the driver just behind you fails to see you and plows headlong at a high speed. This proves to be fatal too. The best way of avoiding this sort of accident is by using cars as your personal crumple zone and steering in front of them-so as to avoid any impact from vehicles coming in from behind. In a nutshell, stay safe by cushioning yourself from any subsequent impacts.
# 2 Non-compliance to Traffic Rules
You may be following the traffic rule book to the hilt but the excited child crossing the road or the young lass chatting to her boyfriend on the phone (while overtaking you) may not. What happens? You end up in a completely avoidable mess that can inflict harsh injuries or death. It's recommended to keep your guards on and believe that people are out on the streets to break regulations. This will help you remain more alert and safer than in usual circumstances.
# 1 Biking with Excessive Loads
Every motorcycle is specifically designed to carry a pre-defined load. Any extra baggage or weight of pillion riders can make it go off balance or result in an accident. Understandably, this is one of the main reasons why younger bikers find themselves in avoidable conditions after a binge or college party. So, it is best to stick to the rules and pile on as much weight as you can easily mange.
Be safe!
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