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Monday, June 17, 2013

Tercabar tak bila wanita ber 'Big Bike'?

Kawasaki Ladies Bikers Send Temperature Soaring With Girl Power

A lady on a hot bike has never failed to turn heads and attract admiring glances.
Now with 25 ladies on hot bikes, that must push temperatures on the male-o-meters to exploding point!

Never in the wildest imagination of the most hardcore of male chauvinist could ever imagine that this could ever happen.
BUT like a rare blue moon on a cloudless night, the impossible happened.

25 lovely ladies dressed to the kilt astride their mean machine thundering out of the Kawasaki HQ in Glenmarie, Shah Alam, Selangor to tell the world,
“I am woman, watch me roar!”What a sight for sore eyes, Keep the good times roll ladies!

Date : 18th May 2013, Saturday
No. of participants: 25 female bikers
Participating machines: Ninja 250R, ER-6n, ER-6f, Versys 650, Z800

Cun plak tgk mata awek jaket merah ni..

Cun muto awek ni..

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